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Nov 08,2006
Long-sought ID Thief Apprehended Following Chase
by Cheryl McDermott

Redmond and Bend Police arrested a fugitive sought for almost one year in connection with various identification and fraud crimes, but not before a short vehicle and foot pursuit Wednesday afternoon.

Fredrick Lawrence Wright, DCJ Photo 
Redmond Police detectives had been investigating Fredrick Lawrence Wright, 32, since late December of 2005, said detective Lt. Wayne Shortreed.  Wright avoided law enforcement, and warrants for his arrest were issued by Deschutes County.

Redmond detectives developed information that Wright was at the Deer Glen Park Apartments 2500 NW Regency Street in Bend, Shortreed said, and attempted to capture him about 1 p.m. November 8.

Before they could make contact with him, Wright drove off and was followed to Century Drive near Mt. Bachelor Village where Bend Police attempted to stop him.  Wright tried to flee in his vehicle, then stopped and ran from officers.  He was apprehended following a short foot pursuit, said Shortreed.

Wright was lodged in the Deschutes County Jail with bail set at $105,000.  He will face numerous charges including attempting to elude, third-degree escape, six counts of aggravated theft, 8 counts of identification theft, two counts of first-degree theft, seven counts of fraudulent use of a credit card, and warrants for violation of release agreement.

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  • My very first question is "who gives a crap?" This is all old news and I cant figure out why anything is even being wrote about something that has nothing to do with anyone but Fred and Leisa. Fred is my brother and I love him very much and he has done wrong as has everyone in the entire world. The only person to judge is God! If you can look in the mirror and see a perfect person staring back at you, then we will accept your criticisms whole-heartedly! The only person who should be criticized is a dentist out there with the initials E.H. Fred passed away this past May, 2008 as the result of a botch up by this dentist. He had an infected tooth-that infection went into his blood stream and ate his heart away. Now all this bull crap about his life and his career and his marriage is just that bull crap. It means nothing then or now. I would like to know why an email was wrote by Fred last year but was just now put in this paper. It was published just weeks ago and he has been gone since May. I never even knew this crap was being wrote until a friend of mine brought it to my attention and I was appaled. Some people may be glad that Fred is gone but God help you if that is true. My family and I will pray for you because some of you definately need it. Fred is very missed by his family, his wife Leisa and their girls. We hope you can move on and find peace in your own lives. Thank you for your attention in this matter....Wendy
  • (Posted on February 24, 2009, 9:00 pm Wendy)

  • My last comment will be this. ALL CHARGES IN THIS CASE WERE DROPPED THE DAY BEFORE TRIAL!!!! Maybe in Deschutes county Oregon instead of billing tax payers for a new jail we sould teach our police officers how to fucking read and investigate a case. After 4 years, thousands of dollars in tax payer money, and me sitting in jail for 5 months ALL CHARGES WERE DISMISSED BY THE STATE!!!!! The cops here are lying sacks of crap especially so called Detective Shelley Prince. If you ever sit on a grand jury in this county take the police's statements with a grain of salt. This so called officer needs more training, a reality check, and to probably get laid. She couldn't find a roll of toilet paper in a public restroom. Again for all that read this article...ALL CHARGES IN THE ABOVE CASE WERE DROPPED THE DAY BEFORE WE WERE SET TO GO TO TRIAL!!!!! END OF STORY!!!!!
  • (Posted on August 4, 2008, 5:48 pm Fred Wright)

  • In Total Defense of The Only True Victim, Fred Wright I feel like someone should speak out for this man who has suffered so much because of this situation, or should I say because of this evil manipulative women Leisa Wright. Fred was infact innocent of the things he was charged with. The only thing he did wrong was fall in love with and try desperately to protect a demanding, money hungry women with a plan...Leisa Wright. And all for her to create her facaud of wealth and prestidge and of course to hide her own commonalty. You Leisa Wright are right about one thing, money does attract money, and Congrats, you have been successful in that aspect. The money you fraudulantly obtained has soared you from trailer trash to high society. Its just too bad for you Leisa (Maggie Mae) that kharma is around the corner, and I am sure your insolence will receive its just reward. Your gluttony did nothing but create stress in Freds life and drive him to an early grave, are you proud of yourself now Leisa? You see what your selfishness does to people, but as a women with out a conscience Im sure your just happy youve finally achieved your goal. Now I want to achieve mine, vindification of Fred Wright. Fred was completely set up on this, not only by one track investigators clouded by Leisas lies but by the Love of His Life herself, Leisa Wright. Its funny how when that account that Fred got charged with was opened $14000 of Leisas existing credit card debt got transferred to that card. Now were those business expenses Leisa? I also find it amusing that the fraudulantly obtained card in question was issued to, and in the name of Leisa Wright and that the purchases were made by and signed for by Leisa Wright. (Seriously, Over a Hundred Thousand Dollars worth) And while Fred was out of state legitimitly promoteing Leisas businesses and business interest, Leisa was having her hair and nails done with that card. Not to mention her shopping trips and all of the lavish gifts and furnishings she bought herself and still has, or even the extravagant vacations she took, Yeah business expenses. Yet they chose to only charge, or should I say railroad, the one with the 15 year old criminal record and they let Leisa walk with out any accountability. Seems like Leisa did very well for herself though, she keeps a hundred grand in stolen property, and lives a very comfortable life, thanks to her newest sucker, J** B*****, owner of ........... (lol, "J**s comin to town, time to pay the rent" Don't forget Leisa some people actually know what youre up to now and what youve always been about. You must of forgotten who the king of recording phone calls was, careful now, your own words may come back to haunt you.) But of course instead she gets away with all of this because she agreed to testifie against a man who had refused to testifie against her. So lets sum things up here, you Leisa Wright agreed to testifie against a man who only wanted to love and protect you in exchange for your own a** not recieving any criminal charges. Instead you only had to screw over a man whos only fault or crime was in loving you. But thats obviously no problem for you, afterall Ive heard you have a pretty established record of screwing over men. You Leisa, out of your own greed made the choice to lay all of your nastiness and crap on Fred, caused his mounting stress and now he's dead and you are to blame. You may have gotten away with out any legal accountability for your crimes but as far as moral accountability I hope you burn in hell for all youve done.
  • (Posted on June 12, 2008, 8:33 pm M azingly Disgusted)

  • I know this is all old comments and I just became aware of it otherwise I would have said something sooner... whomever wrote that they were the unsuspecting daughter is a liar. I know I didn't write that and I know that my sister didn't write that. So if people want to post comments at least be honest with who you are... what is the point of that? I know all sides of the story and all I can say is that... I am learning to forgive people and myself for mistakes made and thats all we can do. It is pointless to make each other look bad and doesn't solve anything. My sister and I are doing good and we don't dwell on any of these old issues other than the fact that people keep bringing it up. We don't want this drama and I would appreciate it if cowards wouldn't write things pretending to be me or my sister or anyone else that they are not. I do not want my children to have to see or hear any of this stuff because they are innocent and this is all old news and way in the past. Move on... look forward.. and be adults... you all are suppossed to be an example for young adults like my sister and me. Good luck to all... Summer
  • (Posted on June 12, 2008, 8:29 pm Summer)

  • Last thing I want to post is this. To all those that read this: ALL OF THE CHARGES IN THE ABOVE STORY WERE DROPPED. After 5 years of incompetant investigating by Shelly Prince of the Redmond PD, the charges were dismissed the day before trial after the DA received evidence from my side that the supposed victim Shirley Newman WAS LYING!!!!!!!!! How bout we train our local law enforcement a little better.... like OH, I don't know.... HOW TO INVESTIGATE BOTH SIDES OF A STORY BEFORE WE ARREST SOMEONE AND THROW THEM IN JAIL FOR 5 MONTHS....THEN DISMISS ALL CHARGES. AGAIN I WOULD LIKE TO CLARIFY THAT ALL OF THE ABOVE CHARGES WERE DISMISSED AGAINST ME......
  • (Posted on December 23, 2007, 7:39 pm Fred Wright)

  • Notice to all reading this..... ALL CHARGES WERE DROPPED THE DAY BEFORE TRIAL!!!!! NOW WHAT DO YOU ALL HAVE TO SAY???? If the state even have half a chance at finding me guilty they would have went to trial...but they didn't they found out the supposed victim in the case lied about everything..... maybe in the future you shouldn't convict someone until the trial is over... AGAIN.... ALL CHARGES WERE DROPPED!!!!! AND MAGGIE MAE???? your statements about my marriage would not be agreed with by you ex-wife. Must be just the ranblings of a retard named Lisa Hart!!! People get your facts straight before you inflict your opinions on others.... Also Lisa Hart please quit sleeping around with every man in central oregon.... especially without telling them about the Herpes Simplex 2 before ya do.....
  • (Posted on December 23, 2007, 7:38 pm Fred Wright)

  • Allow me to set the record straight....as i am the only one that knows the truth about everything...and also the only one willing to post my name..Maggie Mae??? The identity theft charges you all are referring to is a business deal went bad with a former board member and shareholder of my corporation. We had about a 4 year business relationship where Shirley Newman invested roughly $150,000 into my company. Money went on my payroll, printing, some business travel, pepper spray we gave away to women all over central oregon, free training uniforms for women in my classes, even giving away tazers and stunguns for those that couldn't afford them. Shirley Newman threw a fit when i believed i could teach these classes for free and spread a free women's self defense chain nationwide without charging but the instructors could still get paid. After a few disagreements between Shirley and I she demanded I buy her stock back. Company by laws say I don't have to until I am in a position to do so. So she goes cop shopping and finds a lying moronic cop named SHelly Prince. Shelly couldn't find a roll of toilet paper in a public restroom. I have tons of paperwork, bank transactions, phone records, cooperate documents, and personal letters and legal documents proving Shirley was a business partner... she told the Redmond police that she barely knew me.... I have phone records showing about 5 hours a week of phone conversations between shirley and I spanning over 3 years. So my point being, if you don't know the story....Keep your mouths shut!!!! Now on to Todd and Stacey..... i won't even go there.... 2 drug addicts that do nothing but sit around looking like to shriveled up skeletons, doing drugs, and trying to make others lives miserable. Whoever posted as Maggy Mae.... get a life and learn the real story.... Now my main reason for posting..... the accusations made about my wife. Leisa is just as innocent in this as I am. She did nothing wrong and you will be hard pressed to find someone as honest as she is. She is a good person that got caught in a bad situation. She is a good mother, whe was a great friend, and a great wife for almost 10 years. She did nothing wrong and all the crap written about her is totally false and is nothing more than and Ex husband full of animosity and hatred and can't get over that she left him. He will spend the rest of his miserable little life stalking Leisa trying to cause as much trouble as possible. He will also spend the rest of his lonely miserable existance running from the responsibility of being a father to 2 beautiful girls that i had the pleasure of calling daughters for almost 10 years. My point to this whole thing is don't always believe what you hear and read. My case of identity theft was a civil case at best and a cooperate matter.... not a crime and we will prove this in trial. Shirley Newman used to come into my Women's Self defense classes and smile and take all the credit for everything we were doing for the community. Now she says, "i hardly knew him".... give me a break.... Anyone can point a finger at someone...grab an illy trained moronic cop like Shelly Prince and you are in Jail. Leisa's only fault was marrying a drug addict loser like Todd Hart, working for an illiterate fat slob real estate agent like Bea Leach, and getting stuck in a bad business deal between Shirley Newman and myself. Leisa is a good woman of which I will always love and adore dearly. You will not find a finer Real Estate agent or a more professional woman. She's tops in every single way. So anyone reading this, doing business with her or becoming personally involved with her, should consider themselves a very lucky person. I had bad luck with a business partner, Leisa had bad luck by marrying an abusive sexual deviant drug addict exhusband in Todd Hart and his little whore Stacey. Our girls had the bad luck of getting stuck with a dead beat dad..... and anyone else posting on here trying to defame peoples name because of mistakes of the past with no personal knowledge of situation should find better things to do with their time.
  • (Posted on May 30, 2007, 10:44 am Fred Wright)

  • ha ha stacy and todd.. that is a funny story coming from you two.. considering the fact that you are so eager and quick to point the finger and some one so innocent.. when in fact you should be the ones sittng in jail right now, writing your fantasy stories about leisa. you see i am the daughter of leisa and todd the daughter who cannot seem to find her dad.. hmm funny is someone hiding from the real truth.. the real truth that todd never paid a dime of child support the his innocent daughter's who only wanted desperately for their twisted father to get a grip on reality and stop hating everyone who has ever done him wrong. it furiates me to think that they can muster up a story so completely filled with rage and hate. so stacy and todd i am sure you will be reading this how about you stop pointing fingers cause there are only four pointing right back at you.
  • (Posted on January 30, 2007, 2:55 pm the un-suspecting daughter)

  • THE REAL STORY ABOUT STACEY-LET THE TRUTH BE KNOWN In all fairness to the readers and to Leisa Wright who is apparently the main subject of this malicious and vindictive distortion of the facts, I believe a rebuttal that may shed some light on the true nature of the person who wrote this article would only be fair and appropriate considering all that is at stake here, specifically, Leisa’s character and reputation. As far as any defense to accusations made toward Fred Wright is concerned, he is on his own and categorically deserves whatever punishment is doled out for his behaviors both past and present. Unfortunately, Fred is in fact exactly what he is, a masterful con man and I can testify that many of us, including Leisa, have at one time or another been unwittingly caught up in his web of treachery and deceit. On the other hand, the person that purportedly wrote this article who identifies herself only as “Stacey” has entirely too much time on her hands. She along with her boyfriend have been and continue to be obsessed with every detail of Leisa’s life much like the infamous tabloid correspondents or the paparazzi in grabbing any and every opportunity to exploit their latest information. The only thing I find more disgusting than malicious gossip and unfounded propaganda, or in this particular case, the unintelligent comments of a bimbo named Stacey who has absolutely no concept of what is truth and what is fiction, are the people who listen to and read it and then actually believe it with out ever having investigated its authenticity. I must admit that as I sat and read this ridiculous commentary, my jaw dropped to the floor. As bizarre as it all may sound, I am in no way amazed by the remarks or the implications of its contents which in fact, are not true and nothing more than a diabolical misconception of the truth, but I must say, however, that I am in total awe of the literary genius of its alleged author. I say this because if anyone else who reads this article knows her as well as I do, and I am referring to Stacey, I’m quite certain that they would perhaps be just as astonished as I am at her ability to even put two words together let alone a whole paragraph of utter nonsense. The main reason for my surprise is not so much about what was said but mostly it is because I did not realize that a person who has spent most of her adult life addicted to smoking green grass and white crystal (and I’m definitely not referring to the front lawn or a jar of tidy bowl) would have enough brain cells left to write such a remarkable science fiction anecdote. This simple observation on my part then leads me to believe that, in fact, she is not the true author of this incredulous but never the less, amazing fairy-tale. The actual novelist, or perhaps even co-author, if I were to give Stacy any credit at all, would more than likely be her boyfriend, Todd Hart, who by the way is also an addict and yes, the ex-husband of Leisa Wright referred to by Stacey. Perhaps the two of them together, Todd and Stacey that is, were able to emerge from there smoked filled wonderland long enough to combine whatever brain cells they each have left, to come up with such a travesty. That’s correct. Todd Hart is the ex-husband referred to by Stacey. The real twist in this, however, is that Stacy has allowed herself to be caught up this bizarre game of fatal obsession. These are two genuinely sick people who need to get a grip on reality and get on with their lives. Of course it’s just like Todd, to not want to do anything to implicate himself in this absolute and futile attempt at the defamation to Leisa’s character by signing his own name because, if the truth be known, hiding out in the background and just being content with looking for any and every opportunity to play out his fantasy of revengeful articulation against Leisa is what Todd does best. In all fairness, I must say there was a time many, many years ago when I had the utmost respect for Todd Hart and his unique talent for being a “super salesman”. He definitely had the gift to make the perfect “pitch”. Oddly enough he still thinks he has the ability to make people believe in whatever he’s selling and in this case, his “pitch” is to destroy the character of his ex-wife at any cost. But unlike then, his mastery of skills has turned into a bizarre kind of behavior. Utilizing fanatic accusations and malicious conduct toward Leisa in an attempt to destroy her life has developed into the primary nature of Todd’s personality and the focus of his only quest in life or at least it has been since his and Stacy’s relationship began to blossom back some years ago while Todd and Leisa were still married. Oops! Did Stacey forget to mention that she was the “other woman” in this relationship? We all know of course how vindictive the “other woman” can be and in this particular situation, I’d have to say that Todd did quite well in picking out for himself a faithful collaborator. Funny, now that I think about it, I’ve come to realize that Todd Hart and Fred Wright have a lot in common. They are both good salesmen or in this case, good swindlers, and unfortunately, they were both providential enough to find someone like Leisa. The perfect victim who, much like a million other trusting women, bought into their games of entrapment. Women who, like Leisa, love their men and honestly believe they are being loved in return. In reality, since it’s pretty much true about the old saying, ”Love is Blind”, these women are not only deceived but in the end, wind up having their whole lives devastated by these types of con men. Con men, who prey on the goodness, commitment, love, and trust of these women while they themselves, were only in the relationship for personal gain Getting back to Todd exclusively, other than seeking spiteful and malicious revenge against Leisa, hiding out is perhaps one of the things that Todd Hart has really been good at. He’s been doing it in fact, for quite a long time. Next to his avoiding numerous bill collectors and concealing his income from the IRS for several years, perhaps the most shameful of all has been his hiding out from Leisa and their two children to avoid having to pay any child support. Which by the way, would account for the $15,000 in unpaid judgments, which is actually against Todd and not Leisa. The truth be known, this would be the amount of back child support that Todd owes after his hiding place was discovered by the department of social services and he was taken to court for being a “dead beat dad”. He even tried selling the courts on the idea that his failure to pay child support was Leisa’s fault despite the fact that she had not known his whereabouts for approximately five years after their separation and divorce. I suppose that when your whole life is focused only on lying in wait to act upon any imaginable opportunity that may present itself as a potential plot to destroy another person’s life that you hate as much as Todd hates Leisa, paying taxes and child support must appear to be somewhat petty and insignificant, especially to a person with such devious intentions toward another human being. On a more humorous note if there is anything to be construed as funny at all in this, it would be the time when Todd and Stacy both ran and hid on the rooftop of his sister’s home after they had secretly attended his oldest daughter’s high-school graduation and were seen by other family members who attempted to confront them. Can you imagine??? If it were in some small way, which is highly unlikely, that Todd may have felt a twinge of remorse for being a negligent parent and needed to justify his behavior, even if it was only to himself, by secretly attending his estranged daughter’s graduation ceremony, he was still unable muster the courage to step out of the darkness or, in this case, off of the roof top, and into the light to make any sort attempt to properly fulfill his obligations as a parent. In all these years that Stacy has been “living” with her boyfriend, Todd Hart, it makes me wonder how anyone can be so dedicated to and apparently happy in taking a back seat to another woman who, by the way, in this case just happens to be Todd’s ex-wife, Leisa, and a woman with whom he has been so blatantly obsessed with obliterating all these years. There is much more that could be said about Todd and Stacey but what’s the point? There is an old saying that for many people like Todd and Stacey, the only way they can make themselves look good is to do their best to make someone else look bad. Anyone who knows Leisa as well as I do, is very well aware of the truth or at least I hope knows better than to entertain these lies and malicious conduct toward her character. In a weird sort of way I almost feel sorry for you Stacy and Todd all I can say to you is that hate is like a cancer. It will eventually destroy you. As for irreverently involving defamation to the names of B. Leach and Windermere Realty by ignorantly including them in this spiteful conduct toward Leisa, it is my sincere hope that together they do not hesitate to take immediate action and that B. Leach and Windermere Realty will emphatically file charges of libel against both Todd Hart and his girlfriend, Stacey. They both, Todd and Stacey must be held accountable for their actions and more importantly, this life long obsession of revenge toward an ex-wife needs to come to an end once and for all.
  • (Posted on December 24, 2006, 8:58 pm Maggie Mae)

  • THE REAL STORY OF FRED & LEISA WRIGHT... Bend and Redmond PD say they were looking for this con artist since Dec. 2005. Well its not the first time he was on the run from them. The first time he was running from 6 felony fraud charges out of Bend. At that time his wife, local Redmond real estate agent, and former stripper Leisa Wright, posted bond for him, then it is believed that she helped him hide out long enough to steal enough restitution money to make a plea bargain based on the lie. The lie was that he was moving back to Missouri and would not ever return to the Bend area. At the time the district attorneys office was aware that this was not his first go round with law enforcement or even with the prison system. He had already been charged, convicted and served prison time in Missouri for Felony federal bank fraud in the late 1990s. His stint in prison before obviously didn't teach him a lesson, he actually brags about it, and they should have known that a plea bargain in lou of real punishment would not work. They were even given the previous case numbers they needed to see that this man and his wife take money from everyone. Not just by fraud, they also have $15,000 in unpaid judgements out of Greene County MO alone. While he was on the run from Redmond PD in 2002-2003 he did travel to MO, where he was also arrested on felony larceny charges (arrest 2-14-03). They had him in custody knew he was wanted in Oregon, contacted the Redmond- Bend authorities who chose not to extradite. From what I was told in that case Fred Wright and his wife Leisa Wright went to a furniture rental place in Missouri, rented living room furniture then moved to Redmond with it! Boy thats the kind of lady I want to trust with my social security number, date of birth and every other peice of info given to buy a home. Before Fred was caught this time (11-2006), there new story was that they were fighting and so she couldn't tell them where her husband was. Well we all knew better, but now she gets to stay out of jail and probly compile credit info from your local citizens for when Fred gets out next. By the way, shes being allowed to KEEP all of the property, ie cars jewelry, trips to the coast, clothes, new home furnishings and everything else her and Fred spent the stolen money on! She knew that this was all stolen money and because she helped spend it all she should be held responsible, but she hasn't been charged with anything. How about conspiracy to commit fraud, how about receiveing stolen property (for knowingly spending stolen money), how about aiding and abedding a known felon who was on the run. Well in my opinion if anyone out there has given Leisa Wright their personal credit info they should check there credit report regularly, as well as put a fraud alert on their credit report to protect there self in the future. Even though the owner of Windermere Real Estate, B. Leach, was prewarned of Leisa and her husbands dishonest and felony criminal behavior she was still put through school and hired by Bea Leach and is now a local real estate agent for Windermere homes, and she does have access to information that a person like her should have never been trusted with. So Good Luck to every one who has had any dealings with her. She does have priors for credit card theft as well. She took her ex- husbands personnal info and got a credit card in his name after their divorce was finalized, oh yeah, maxxed it out and never paid the bill. That theft was reported to the Greene county MO authorities, which was able to prove she did it, but because her ex husband wasn't checking his credit report regularly the criminal statue of limitations was up. He was advised to take the police reports and sue her civally but with $15,000. worth of unpaid judgements in Greene county alone the suit would not be worth the paper it was filed on. Because she don't pay what she owes!! So be pre warned, and pro active when it comes to your personal information, she could get you as well and if you don't find out in time she won't get held responsible, and you'll end up paying for her newest outfits, some expensive jewelry or maybe like her first husband (her ex-husband) you'll get held resposible to buy her $2,000 worth of new fitness equipment!
  • (Posted on November 20, 2006, 9:21 am stacey)

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