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AdMan Terminology


AdMan is a standalone Advertisement Management System, which provides publishers with a way to organize ads, view real-time traffic statistics, handle online transactions and interact with advertisers. AdMan is the perfect tool for websites wishing to eliminate commission charges from advertising middlemen and provide more customizable ad products to their advertisers. AdMan is compatible with many other ad management services like Google AdSense, AdBrite, and Commission Junction. AdMan utilizes iframes and can therefore be plugged into any existing website architecture.


An advertiser is a company who advertises on a publisherís website.

Ad Slot

An ad slot is the space used in scheduling an ad. The number of slots in a zone is exactly equal to the maximum number of ads permitted in that zone.

Ad Space

An ad space contains the details of an ad and the time that this ad will be displayed.

Ad Types

There are 4 different ad types permitted by AdMan: text, banner, rich, and text in list. A text ad consists of a headline and description. A banner ad consists of an image. A rich ad consists of any HTML technology including Javascript, ActiveX, Flash, etc... Text in list is a single entry in a vertically arranged list of links. Please see for examples of each ad type.


A campaign is a collection of ad spaces.


A click is the process of a user clicking an ad.


One CPM is equivalent to 1000 impressions.


An impression is the process of displaying an ad to a user.


Instant Payment Notification is PayPalís method of alerting a website that a transaction has taken place. IPN is used by AdMan to instantly process all financial transactions.

Page Request

A page request is the process of the user viewing one particular webpage.


PayPal is an online payment system, owned by Ebay, that allows one to securely send and receive money.

Pricing Scheme

Pricing schemes define the different ad purchases that can be made. Pricing schemes consist of a price and service, which is described by cost per click, CPM, or time.


A publisher is a company who places ads on his/her website.

SmartLink Replacement

SmartLink replacement is the method by which AdMan attempts to dynamically update all URLs in a rich ad in an effort to provide link tracking stats and the option to open a URL in a new window.


A zone is a section of a website where ads are located.
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