Bush: Congress has 'worst record' in years
Oct 30,2007 00:00 by UPI

WASHINGTON -- U.S. President George Bush chided the U.S. Congress for not sending "a single appropriations bill to my desk," representing "the worst record in 20 years."

Bush's comments came after he met with Republican congressional leaders Tuesday morning.

Congress, Bush said, "is not getting its work done. There really isn't much to show for it."

He said the House of Representatives has "wasted valuable time" on a "constant stream" of investigations and the Senate has had "endless votes" on pulling the troops from Iraq.

The legislative branch has, however, "passed an endless serious of tax increases," Bush said, "They haven't seen a bill they could not (pass) without shoving a tax hike into it."

He also said the latest version a federally run insurance program for poor children "does not have a chance of becoming law." He said he wanted the executive and legislative branches to work together to "come up with a bill that's responsible."

Bush also spoke of rumors that Congress was considering combining spending measures for veterans and the departments of defense and the "bloated" labor, health and education.

"I will veto such a three-bill pile-up," Bush said, adding that he hoped the reports were wrong.

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