Life sentences under ‘three strikes’ law end Portland bank robber’s career
Oct 31,2007 00:00 by Bend_Weekly_News_Sources

Bank Robbery and High Speed Chase result in Life Sentences for Career Criminal

PORTLAND, Ore. -- Michael Baird Jordan, 68, received two mandatory consecutive life sentences today for armed bank robbery and use of a firearm in relation to a crime of violence.

U.S. District Judge Anna J. Brown imposed the sentences under the federal “three-strikes” law, which requires life imprisonment for commission of a serious violent felony after two or more convictions for other serious violent felonies. Judge Brown imposed a third life sentence for felon in possession of a firearm under the Armed Career Criminal Act.

A federal jury convicted Jordan of the July 27, 2006, armed robbery of the Lake Grove Branch of Bank of America. Jordan’s getaway plans went awry when he lost the keys to a stolen van he had parked outside the bank. He abducted and car-jacked a teenager at gunpoint ordering him to drive a short distance before forcing the teenager out of the car. Jordan then drove to his own car, which was parked at a nearby church. When a Tigard police officer pursued Jordan southbound on Interstate 5, Jordan accelerated to speeds over 115 mph, leading police on a five-mile chase that ended when he surrendered in Wilsonville. Jordan had three loaded firearms in the car - two pistols and an assault rifle - ready for his use in case of a shoot-out.

Jordan’s criminal history began in 1966 with federal convictions for three bank robberies in Orange County, California. After release from prison, Jordan was convicted in 1980 for two bank robberies in the San Francisco Bay area. In 1987 a jury convicted him of multiple counts of armed robbery, attempted murder, and assault with a firearm at a bank in Sunnyvale, California. While fleeing that robbery, Jordan shot and gravely wounded an armored car guard who attempted to apprehend him.

Under federal law, Jordan’s life sentences carry no possibility of release or parole. United States Attorney Karin J. Immergut commended and thanked the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Lake Oswego Police Department, and the Tigard Police Department for their hard work in Jordan’s apprehension and prosecution.

“Michael Baird Jordan is exactly the type of violent career criminal Congress had in mind when it wisely enacted a mandatory life sentence under the three-strikes law,” U.S. Attorney Immergut stated.