100 Students at High Lakes Elementary Complete Bike Safety Program
Oct 03,2006 00:00 by Bend Weekly News Sources

For two weeks, more than 100 students at High Lakes Elementary School engaged in a slightly unique kind of school work -– bicycle riding. The 5th grade students have been participating in an intensive one hour a day bicycle safety education program provided by Commute Options of Central Oregon. The free course takes students through the parts of the bicycle, helmet fitting, traffic laws and safe bike operation.

The ten day/ten hour course is divided into four hours of in-class lessons and six hours of on-the-bicycle practice and instruction. The final day of the course culminates in a fun ‘Community Ride’ where kids use their new skills on a bicycle tour through the neighborhood with adult volunteers. The ride ends with a ‘graduation’ ceremony where students will receive a certificate, a flashing light and helmet.

The Bicycle Safety Education Program will reach close to 1,000 students in Central Oregon by the end of this year, teaching essential skills and responsibility while operating a bicycle. Program goals include increasing bicycling to school as a way to reduce vehicle trips and to improve health through exercise.

For more about Commute Options please visit: www.commuteoptions.org