Poland army to turn fully professional
Nov 05,2007 00:00 by UPI

WARSAW, Poland -- Poland’s Defense Ministry launched a campaign to lure young people to the army that would be made up entirely of professional soldiers.

Outgoing Defense Minister Aleksander Szczyglo said soldiers specially trained for the recruiting campaign will be sent across Poland to promote the military profession and attract young men and women with passion for the army, Polish Radio reported Monday.

Szczyglo said the Polish military should end its obligatory military service for young men and set up fully professional armed forces by 2013.

To support its campaign the Defense Ministry said it would increase monthly salaries for professional personnel in January to be followed by another raise later in 2008, Capt. Dariusz Drazkowski said. He offered no figures of salaries.

Drazkowski admitted positions in the Polish armed forces aren't well-paid and suggested young people who want to make a military career should receive a decent pay.

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