Report: U.S. border security lacking
Nov 06,2007 00:00 by UPI

WASHINGTON -- Security lapses at U.S. border crossings last year allowed entry to thousands of people who should have been denied, a government watchdog reported.

Richard Stana was the author of the Government Accountability Office report made partially public Monday, CNN reported. While the public version didn't indicate a number of illegal entries, a source who saw the whole report told the network the figure was estimated at 21,000.

Stana wrote that not all of the illegal entries at the country's 326 land, sea and air ports of entry were cause for terror concern.

"But as we saw in the recent past, it doesn't take too many people getting through the ports of entry to cause some real trouble," Stana wrote. "And not everyone who comes in and is a danger needs to be a terrorist. It could be someone connected with a criminal enterprise."

The report cited numerous factors as the cause of the lapses, including understaffing and turnover at Customs and Border Protection, weak management controls, complacency and inattentiveness by some officers.

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