Iraq plans operation against insurgents
Nov 13,2007 00:00 by UPI

BAGHDAD - Ten people were killed in Iraq in separate incidents as the Iraqi government announced preparations for a major military operation in Baghdad.

Three civilians were killed in Baghdad by a roadside bomb while police found four bodies in separate areas of the city, the official Kuwaiti news agency KUNA reported Tuesday.

In Tikrit, a roadside bomb killed one police officer while two others and a gunman were killed in an attack in Abu Garib, KUNA reported.

Northeast of Baghdad, in Diyala province, U.S. forces arrested five Iranians who crossed into Iraq illegally, Alsumaria reported Tuesday.

Meanwhile, a proposed Iraqi operation against insurgent strongholds in Baghdad should help stabilize the city and reduce the need for joint U.S.-Iraqi security operations, said Interior Minister spokesman Maj. Abdul Karim Khalaf.

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