Concussion testing begins for Redmond High athletes
Nov 16,2007 00:00 by Bend_Weekly_News_Sources

The Center Foundation and Redmond High School have announced that the ImPACT Concussion Program has been implemented for Redmond student athletes.    

Concussions are one of the leading causes of injury to high school athletes and, if not properly managed and healed, can lead to long term brain dysfunction and even death.    Nationally, it is estimated that 10% of high school athletes will sustain a concussion in a given year and some estimates are as high at 40%. 

The Center Foundation provides no-cost sports medicine programs including ImPACT testing in six area high schools.  Desert Orthopedics provides the no-cost sports medicine program in Redmond High School.  

Effective this week, The Center Foundation and the Redmond Education Foundation brought together the resources to assure that students playing high impact sports will receive the neuropsychological baseline test and subsequent post-concussion testing and review.  Current research supports the use of ImPACT as an effective tool in determining when the concussed brain is healed adequately and it is safe to return to play, thereby preventing most Post-Concussions Syndrome injuries.  Pairing ImPACT Concussion testing with on-site certified athletic trainers such as those provided by The Center Foundation and Desert Orthopedics is supported by sports medicine best practices.   

The ImPACT Concussion testing program originated at the University of Pittsburg Medical Center and The Center Foundation was the first group to provide it to high schools west of the Mississippi in 2001.   Currently, most Oregon high schools do not have ImPACT Concussion testing available.