Israel asks Disney to sue Hamas over mouse
Nov 15,2007 00:00 by UPI
LOS ANGELES -- The Consulate General of Israel in Los Angeles requested an examination by the Walt Disney Co. into the use of a Mickey Mouse-like figure by Hamas.

The Israeli consulate asked Disney to look into whether Hamas infringed on copyright laws, Ynetnews said Thursday. Hamas used the likeness of Mickey Mouse for a character named "Farfur" in a children's television show, "Tomorrow's Pioneers."

Israeli Knesset Member Nissan Slomiansky issued an appeal to the foreign minister to verify that Israel's formal complaint to Disney "retains the necessary clout to put an end to the phenomenon or bankrupt Hamas by suing them for copyright infringement," the Ynetnews report said.

Israeli officials complained that "Farfur" employed "radical and racist" language targeting Israel and urged viewers to join the "resistance" against Israel and the United States.

Widespread condemnation of the "Farfur" character prompted Hamas to kill-off the character.

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