'Too Sexy' Southwest Airline passenger Kyla Ebbert bares all for Playboy
Nov 16,2007 00:00 by Bend_Weekly_News_Sources

CHICAGO - After almost being kicked off a Southwest Airlines flight this summer for wearing an outfit deemed too provocative for flying, Kyla Ebbert bares all in an online nude pictorial and video feature for Playboy.com

The 23-year-old beauty boarded a flight at San Diego's Lindberg Field on July 3, and a Southwest employee asked her to change her outfit -- a miniskirt, a sweater over a tank-top, and high heels -- or get off the plane that was headed to Tucson. Kyla didn't have any other clothes to change into because she was returning the same day. After she adjusted her clothes to cover herself up more, the Southwest employee relented and let Kyla take the flight. Understandably humiliated by the experience, Kyla concealed herself even more with a blanket during the flight.

Once the media got wind of the story, Kyla found herself modeling the offending clothes everywhere from The Today Show to The Ellen DeGeneres Show to Dr. Phil. And Richard Branson told Kyla she was welcome anytime on his Virgin Airlines plane.

"I definitely have a new airline of choice," says Kyla, who had been a dedicated Southwest traveler before the incident.