Las Vegas lights up for Dems' debate
Nov 16,2007 00:00 by UPI

LAS VEGAS - Seven Democratic presidential hopefuls took shots at each other and President George W. Bush in a debate Thursday in Las Vegas.

Senators Hillary Clinton of New York and Barack Obama of Illinois attacked each other's health plans, while former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards criticized Clinton for saying she wants to end the Iraq War and also keep U.S. troops there, CNN reported. Edwards noted that Clinton voted with Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney on Iran.

New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson went after all three.

"It seems that John wants to start a class war. It seems that Barack wants to start a generational war. It seems that Sen. Clinton, with all due respect on her plan on Iraq, doesn't end the war," Richardson said. "All I want to do is give peace a chance."

The debate was sponsored by CNN and the Democratic Party in Nevada, and moderated by CNN newsman Wolf Blitzer. Rep. Dennis Kucinich, Sen. Chris Dodd and Sen. Joe Biden also participated.

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