Fitness Forum: Advanced exercise is the ticket to promote leg strength, balance
Nov 16,2007 00:00 by CNS

The moves: Performing a single leg squat to touch a low object.

Works on: Leg strength and flexibility. Balance.

LEG STRENGTH - To help increase leg strength and flexibility while working on improved balance, firefighter Jeff Akens performs a slow squat on one leg as he attempts to touch an object with the opposite hand. CNS Photo by Michael Franklin. 
Level: Advanced.

Precautions: Like any balance activity, use a prop or take any other reasonable precaution so you don't fall. This requires some twisting on the knee, so do not perform this exercise if it causes pain, or if you have a history of cartilage tear in the knees.

Setup: Place an object on the ground directly to the outside of the left foot and about 18 inches away. The object should be about 6 inches tall. Stand and balance on the left leg.

Steps: Slowly squat down on the left leg and twist the torso over the left thigh to attempt to touch the object with the right hand. Sit back into the squat and use the counterbalance of the torso. Allow the left knee and thigh to move to the right and under the torso.

Repetitions: Three sets of five, progressing to three sets of 10.

Options: Try different placements of the object for other challenges.