Home Zone: From graffiti to granite, get clean with green
Nov 16,2007 00:00 by Maggie_Reed

It's green, it's soy, and it works on your toughest of cleaning chores from grills to graffiti to granite.

SOYSAFE - SoySafe products, a line of all-natural green home cleansers, range from graffiti remover to grill cleaner. CNS Photo courtesy of SoySafe Products Inc. 
PEELER - The Kyocera Ceramic Y Peeler comes in six colors. CNS Photo courtesy of Kyocera. 
SLICER - Make perfect matchstick strips in seconds with the Kyocera Wide Julienne Slicer mandolin. CNS Photo courtesy of Kyocera. 
SoySafe Products Inc. is a grass-roots company based in St. Charles, Ill.

The company had an auspicious start. Mary Johnson was outside a cathedral on Michigan Avenue in Chicago on a hot day trying to remove graffiti from concrete planters she had fabricated as part of Mayor Richard Daley's city beautification program.

She was having little luck and stepped inside the church to cool down. A gentleman behind her spoke of a product he developed to remove graffiti. George Ferguson had the product in his car. He got it, she tried it, and it worked!

Call it fate or faith, she ended up buying his company and extended the line of products. And, still grass-roots, she now bottles and ships the product from her kitchen table.

All the products are 100 percent natural, biodegradable, free of caustic fumes, non-flammable and made from soybeans grown by a co-op of Midwestern farmers.

Here's a sample of what SoySafe has to offer:

- Oven & Grill Cleaner: Cleans barbecue cookers, smokers, grills, stoves, utensils, pots and pans. (22-ounce spray, $8).

- Graffiti Remover: Removes spray paint, enamel paint, permanent marker and all types of inks from surfaces including concrete, metal, glass and aluminum siding. (22-ounce spray, $10).

- Paint Stripper: Removes latex, oil-based and lead-based paint ... even silver and black. (22-ounce spray, $10).

- Spray & Wipe: Cleans, degreases and deodorizes in one step. Safe on glass, plastic and aluminum. (22-ounce spray, $6).

- Wood Sealer & Waterproofer: For all wood, decks and docks with a 24-month seal that spreads and doesn't bead. (1 gallon, $17).

- Granite Polish & Protector: For granite and stone countertops, this cleans polishes and prevents glass rings and smearings. (22-ounce spray, $9).

- Laundry Detergent Softener: Softens, brightens, de-stains and deodorizes. (5 1/2 gallons, $10).

There are also products to remove adhesives, clean your tubs, toilets and hands.

For more information, call 866-359-9401 or visit www.soysafe.com.


Here are a few tools to help you make quick work of fruits and vegetables in the kitchen.

The Kyocera Ceramic Y Peeler gives you two tools in one. With a comfortable form-fitting ergonomic handle, it features a ceramic blade with two eye corers on each side to remove imperfections in the skin of produce.

The Kyocera Wide Julienne Slicer mandolin makes perfect matchstick strips in seconds - perfect for zucchini, carrots, potatoes and more.

Because there are no attachments, accessories or interchangeable blades, no setup is required. The Slicer does, however, include a safety handle that accommodates large ingredients to prevent the need to precut.

Corner notches that allow it to fit over bowls without slipping are another added feature.

The entire unit is dishwasher safe and the slim profile makes for easy storage.

Both the Peeler and the Slicer feature ceramic blades that are similar in hardness to diamond, but because it isn't a metal blade there is no rusting, pitting, corrosion or transfer of metallic taste or smell to foods. More importantly, the zirconium oxide blade starts out sharper and stays sharper longer than traditional kitchen product blades.

The Peeler is available in six colors and sells for $12. The Slicer is $25.

For more information, call 800-537-0294 or visit www.kyoceraadvancedceramics.com.

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