Report: $50M settlement for priest abuse
Nov 19,2007 00:00 by UPI
SEATTLE -- A tentative $50 million settlement involving Alaskan Natives claiming sexual abuse by Jesuit priests has been reached, The Seattle Times said Monday.

Anchorage attorney Ken Roosa showed the newspaper an e-mail from a lawyer representing the northwestern Jesuits that said: "This e-mail will confirm that a settlement has been reached. ... The settlement calls for $50 million to be paid to the plaintiffs/claimants."

The suit by 110 Alaskans, most from remote coastal villages, alleges abuse by 15 Jesuit priests, brothers and Jesuit workers between 1961 and 1987, the newspaper said.

A Jesuit official told the newspaper Sunday the announcement was premature and "there are still many issues that need to be finalized before it is appropriate to make an official announcement about a settlement."

Aside from that lawsuit, the northwestern Jesuits have spent about $16 million to settle claims with 61 victims against 41 priests since 2002, the Times said.

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