Outdoor burning within Bend city limits to close Nov. 22
Nov 19,2007 00:00 by Bend_Weekly_News_Sources

Outdoor burning within the City of Bend will close November 22nd, Thursday evening at dark.  Gary Marshall, city of Bend fire marshal said outdoor debris burning restrictions were lifted for 20 days within November to allow City residents to burn small piles of yard debris.    Due to hazardous weather conditions, debris burning was cancelled for two days.   
Outdoor burning will continue to be open outside the City of Bend within the Deschutes County Fire District #2 boundaries.  Residents of the fire district are reminded that burning regulations are available at all fire stations.  Burning regulations outline fire safety measures and shall be present at the burning location.  Once all preventative measures have been taken to prevent the fire from escaping, the resident must call the Outdoor Burning Information Line at 322-6335 to confirm that burning is allowed for the day. 
When possible, Marshall encourages all residents to recycle their yard debris as an alternative to burning.  As a reminder to Central Oregon residents, regulations may vary between governmental jurisdictions within the tri-county area.  Please contact your local fire agency for specific requirements and closures.