Traffic lights go out, driver injured after striking power pole
Nov 19,2007 00:00 by Cheryl McDermott

A 30-year old Sisters man received non-life threatening injuries when he lost control of his pickup and struck a power pole Sunday afternoon in an accident that affected traffic lights at two busy intersections in north Bend, police reported.

No charges are expected to be filed against Jeremy Todd Moyer, Bend Police Sgt. Greg Owens said.  Moyer was transported by Bend Fire ground ambulance to the emergency room of St. Charles Medical Center.

Investigation determined that Moyer exited the Bend Parkway as he traveled north, then was making a sweeping right-hand turn onto the onramp for westbound Highway 20 when the accident occurred shortly after 3:30 p.m., November 18.

Moyer lost control of his 2006 Dodge pickup and struck the power pole, causing it damage.  Pacific Power crews arrived and shut off power in order to repair the pole, Owens said. 

“The power shut-off caused the traffic lights at [the intersections of] Robal Road and Highway 97, and Robal Road and Highway 20 to go out,” said the sergeant.

Officers directed traffic at the affected intersections, and the onramp to Highway 20 was closed until the crews were completed with the repairs and power was restored about 2.5 hours later.