Boys charged with rape appear for hearing
Nov 20,2007 00:00 by UPI
ACWORTH, Ga. -- Three young Georgia boys charged with rape appeared in hand restraints for their first hearing with their parents nearby.

The boys, one age 8 and two age 9, are accused of raping an 11-year-old friend last Thursday in woods where they had been playing in Acworth, Ga.

The boys appeared Monday in juvenile court in a courtroom filled with relatives, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported Tuesday.

Reporters allowed in briefly to argue for access in the case said the boys wore blue jumpsuits and their hands were in restraints. The 8-year-old had bags under his eyes beneath blond hair in a bowl cut while one of the 9-year-olds sat with his elbows on the defense table and the other 9-year-old sat back in a chair, overshadowed by his lawyer, the Journal-Constitution reported.

By law, the boys cannot be charged as adults or with felonies because they are under age 13. In Georgia, children under 13 are charged with "delinquent acts."

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