County jail passes inspection with flying colors
Nov 21,2007 00:00 by Bend_Weekly_News_Sources

The Deschutes County Jail passed an inspection conducted last week by state inspectors with flying colors, and was found to be in compliance with over 400 jail standards and 130 policies and provisions - a “rare certification” according to the county public communications coordinator, Anna M. Johnson.        

Since 1998, the Oregon Sheriff’s Jail Command Council has developed professional standards for Oregon Jails that have been adopted by all Oregon Sheriffs.  In adopting these standards the goal is to improve the operation and management of Oregon jails, and to use them as a method of reinforcing and enhancing staff professionalism. 

The inspection was completed by a six-member team of trained jail inspectors from Lincoln, Lane, Tillamook, Coos, and Multnomah Counties.  Standards include overall operations in areas such as administration, admission and release, inmate management, inmate communications, security and control, inmate services, inmate health care, sanitation and maintenance plus inmate programs.  The inspectors examined all 404 jail standards and determined the level of compliance by assigning one of the following ratings:  full compliance, partial compliance and non-compliance. 

Assigning full compliance is achieved when the presence of written agency directives, verification by a member of the inspection team (through observation or record review) that practice in the facility is consistent with the applicable written directive and self-inspection is documented. 

In the final report to Sheriff Larry Blanton, the jail inspection team determined the jail to be in 100% full compliance of all 404 jail standards.  The inspection team complimented the staff for operating a clean, professional, and well-managed facility.   In order to receive 100% compliance with the Jail Standards, the staff participated in the review, revision, training and implementation of over 130 policy and procedures for Deschutes County Jail.

The next Deschutes County Jail inspection will be held in 2010.