Police: Kidnapping case was just a hoax
Nov 21,2007 00:00 by UPI
MIDWAY CITY, Calif. -- A massive search in Midway City, Calif., for a man who attempted to kidnap a 4-year-old girl was all based on a fabricated story, local police said.

Sheriff's Department spokesman Jim Amormino said that the manhunt was prompted by the young girl's claims that a man had attempted to kidnap her at gunpoint, an allegation she used to get back at her mother, the Orange County (Calif.) Register reported Wednesday.

Amormino said that while the girl initially told police that a man had shown her a gun at a local playground on Tuesday, her story changed mere hours later.

The girl, who had given a very detailed description of her assailant to police, reportedly told investigators that she had made the story up to get revenge on her mother.

The sheriff's spokesman said that revelation prompted the massive manhunt to be called off immediately and allowed one detained suspect to go free.

"That's a pretty incredible story for a 4-year-old to make up," Amormino told the Register. "Of course, you want to believe it."

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