Parody has Ohio radio station under fire
Nov 21,2007 00:00 by UPI
COLUMBUS, Ohio -- WNCI radio in Columbus, Ohio, is coming under fire from a Hispanic group for airing a song parody called "Bunch of Mexicans."

Dave Kaelin, a WNCI personality who wrote and performed the song, said it was meant to praise Hispanics, not to be racist. However, the Ohio Hispanic Coalition says the song is offensive -- and the group is considering boycotting the radio station, The Columbus (Ohio) Dispatch said Wednesday.

"Enough is enough," coalition chairman Jose Mas said. "The same station would not dream of broadcasting something like that about the African-American community, and we are not going to take it either."

The song is based on David Bowie's 1975 hit "Young Americans" and includes questionable lines such as "It sucks to be a bunch of Mexicans."

Kaelin -- half of the station's "Dave & Jimmy" morning team -- told the Dispatch the parody is aimed at "fat lazy Americans are going 'snap, snap' to all of these hard-working people who are working hard under the radar."

WNCI removed the song from its Web site and posted an apology "to anyone offended by the content."

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