S.F. beach closed by spill, then by shark
Nov 21,2007 00:00 by UPI
SAN FRANCISCO -- Local officials were forced to close Rodeo Beach this week not because of the recent San Francisco Bay oil spill, but due to the presence of a shark.

The San Francisco Chronicle said Tuesday that mere hours after the beach was deemed clean enough to reopen following the recent spill, three separate shark sightings forced it to close once again.

Golden Gate National Recreation Agency spokesman Rich Weidman said Sunday's emergency closure occurred despite the fact only the animal's dorsal fins were seen by witnesses.

"We don't know what kind (of shark) it was -- the girth was about that of three average people if you stuck them together," Weidman said. "They saw dorsal fins."

The witnesses said they had seen the shark attack a seal, reports that could be linked to the discovery of a dead seal on the beach last Friday.

That body was found with bite marks in it, leading authorities to suspect a possible predator attack.

Weidman told the Chronicle that if no other shark sightings occur this week, Rodeo Beach should reopen by Friday.

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