Woman allegedly pretended to have cancer
Nov 21,2007 00:00 by UPI
FREDERICK, Md. -- A 32-year-old woman in Maryland has been accused of using extreme methods to make herself appear to be a cancer patient, including poisoning her own child.

Frederick County Assistant State's Attorney Lindell K. Angel said during a recent bail hearing for Wendi Scott that the woman's alleged attempts to portray a cancer patient were indicative of Munchausen syndrome, The Frederick News-Post said Wednesday.

"Ms. Scott is a masterful manipulator with a history of Munchausen syndrome," Angel said Tuesday. "Now she has sacrificed her 4-year-old child for the attention of her husband and others. She graduated to creating illnesses (in her daughter)."

Scott allegedly had been shaving her own hair and eyebrows off to ensure her charade for nearly four years, Angel said, and ultimately poisoned her firstborn to enhance the illusion.

She has been indicted on 15 charges ranging from reckless endangerment to felony child abuse, leading to a bail ruling of $75,000 Tuesday.

The News-Post said Munchausen syndrome is typically seen in individuals who feign illnesses for attention, but also can involve inducing illnesses in others to receive that same adoration.

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