Marshall High Students Learn About Protecting the Environment
Oct 25,2006 00:00 by Bend Weekly News Sources

How much space do you take up? Margy Dieter’s anthropology class now knows. As part of the EarthSmart Program, students at Marshall High School in Bend did the math as they summed up their individual eco-footprint. The analysis calculated their personal impact on the planet by measuring amount of waste created, transportation used, housing and other items.

The Program, provided by reSource, works with students from a variety of grade levels throughout the tri-county area teaching about natural resources, energy and water consumption and waste reduction.

“Students measure their household resource usage and the effect is that they go home and tell their parents-‘hey mom-we need to cut back!’” says Program Director Katy Bryce. “Having families understand the resources is an important step to their reduction.” Once they have completed their measurements, the kids then make a five point plan to reduce resource use at home.

This year, reSource seeks to make over 7,000 student contacts through forging more partnerships with local businesses particularly in Crook and Jefferson Counties. Interested businesses and schools should contact reSource at 388-3638 for more information.