Rioting escalates a second day in Paris
Nov 27,2007 00:00 by UPI
PARIS -- More than 60 police officers were injured in running street battles with youths in suburban Paris in a second night of violence, reports said Tuesday.

The rioters used handguns, gasoline bombs and rocks against police, a BBC correspondent reported. Five of the injured officers were listed in critical condition, the report said.

Riot police responded with batons, tear gas and rubber bullets, officials said. There were no reports of how many of the rioters were injured.

The unrest began Sunday night after two ethnic North African teenagers on a stolen motorcycle were killed in a head-on crash with a police car. Police deny they were pursuing the pair, and claim it was an accident.

Since the incident, a library, two schools, numerous shops and many vehicles have been set on fire, the report said. There was no indication from local media about the number of injuries among the protesters.

The country experienced similar race-based riots in 2005 when two ethnic North African teenagers were electrocuted in a suburban electricity sub-station as they were hiding from police.

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