Poland suggests wider U.S. missile talks
Nov 27,2007 00:00 by UPI
WARSAW, Poland -- Poland's new prime minister suggested his Cabinet is to open talks with Russia and NATO on a U.S. missile defense plan in Central Europe.

Poland's liberal, pro-EU Prime Minister Donald Tusk, whose coalition government was installed Nov. 16, indicated the new Warsaw leaders are likely to place the U.S. missile shield issue to a wider international debate, the EU Observer reported Tuesday.

In his address to the Polish parliament Friday, Tusk said he would like to discuss the U.S. missile shield plan with Russia, which has voiced serious opposition to the idea of deploying a missile interceptors base in Poland and a radar site in the neighboring Czech Republic.

Tusk said his government will be ready to continue talks with U.S. officials on the missile defense plan after consulting NATO and some of Poland's neighbors.

Washington denies Moscow's allegations the missile shield in Central Europe would be a threat to Russia and claims it will serve as a defense facility against such countries as are Iran or North Korea.

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