Groups protest Annapolis summit
Nov 27,2007 00:00 by UPI
ANNAPOLIS, Md. -- At least five groups, including both pro and anti-Israel organizations, have announced plans to protest at the Middle East peace summit in Annapolis, Md.

Israeli groups that oppose any talks with the Palestinians, including Shalom International and Americans For a Safe Israel, have obtained permission from the city to protest, as has Neturei Karta International, a group opposes Zionism, the Baltimore Sun reported Tuesday.

At least two groups, including the Baltimore chapter of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee and a coalition of pro-Israel U.S. Jewish organizations, have announced plans to demonstrate in support of the summit and its goal of an Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement.

Paul Gibbs, a special events coordinator for the Annapolis Police Department, said the city has no way of estimating exactly how many protesters and peace demonstrators will be at the event Friday, as a city permit is not required.

"They're guaranteed a right to protest," Gibbs said. "Those that have contacted us have done so just to make sure everything goes smoothly."

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