Heat lamp sparks fire in NE Bend home
Nov 27,2007 00:00 by Cheryl McDermott

Fire officials say a heat lamp in a garage ignited nearby combustibles, sparking a fire that caused an estimated $95,000 in damage to a home, its contents, and a garaged vehicle in a northeast Bend residence late Sunday night.

Over a dozen firefighters with three engine companies responded to 63190 Deschutes Market Road at 11:40 p.m., November 25, Bend Fire Battalion Chief Bob Madden reported.  The tenant of the single-story residence owned by Rosewood Property Management, Bruce Nash, discovered the fire when he was awakened to the sound of popping noises coming from the garage. Nash, a visitor and their pets safely evacuated the home and called 911, Madden said.

Firefighters found heavy smoke and flames upon arrival, with fire damage to the garage, contents, and a parked vehicle, and moderate smoke damage to the home’s interior.  “The fire extended into the attic over the living area, but was quickly extinguished,” Madden said, crediting aggressive firefighting tactics that prevented further damage.

Overhanging trees along the long rural driveway made access difficult for the fire vehicles, the chief said.

The structure valued at $200,000 suffered $70,000 in damage, with additional losses of $20,000 to contents and $5,000 to the garaged vehicle, Madden estimated.

“Use heating appliances including heat lamps in a safe manner and make sure there is a minimum of three-feet of clearance completely around the appliance,” the chief reminded.  He also suggested that residents with long driveways should provide adequate vertical and horizontal clearance for large fire vehicle and ambulance access during emergencies.