Bend-La Pine Schools Approve New Volunteer, Visitor Policies
Oct 25,2006 00:00 by Bend Weekly News Sources

In a meeting held Tuesday evening, the Bend-La Pine School Board approved two new policies involving volunteers in schools and visitors to district facilities.

Vice Chair Hovecamp presented both policies in the meeting held at 6 p.m. October 24.

Volunteers in Schools Policy:

According to the news release issued by the district, the Board believes that citizen volunteer participation at the local school level is vital to the success of each school and the district. 

All volunteers will be required to complete a community volunteer application, submit to a criminal history background check, participate in training related to procedures and expectations for volunteers, and agree to be bound by the terms of the district’s volunteer program guidelines.

The school administration must provide plans for recruitment and training of potential volunteers, procedures for checking their criminal history, and programs for training professional staff in the utilization of volunteers.

Visitors to District Facilities Policy:

The Board believes that a better understanding of the educational program and improved relationship between the schools and community can be developed through school and classroom visitations of parents and patrons, said the release.  Such visitations will be encouraged, arranged and permitted within considerations of the requirements of the educational program; the orderly administration of the school, school grounds, and classrooms; and the safety and welfare of students.

The district is responsible for the school’s supervision and administration, and the superintendent will develop an administrative regulation consistent with the Oregon Revised Statutes and Administrative Regulations to implement the policy.

Other issues discussed during the meeting included the following:

1)               Recognition of Bend High Schools’ Robert Tadjiki who was named to the USA TODAY’s All-USA Teacher Team.  Tadjiki has been teaching special education students for more than 11 years. He has been at Bend High School since 2000.

2)     Deschutes Library District Partnership Discussion -- 

Representatives from the Library shared information about the Library Linx Program. Library Linx is a partnership between Deschutes County schools and the Deschutes Public Library (DPL). The program creates opportunities for students to check out DPL books at their school site. Juniper Elementary School and High Desert Middle School are two of the three schools involved in the first phase of the program.

Library officials trust that grant money will be identified and are hopeful that Library Linx Phase Two will allow for additional schools to be added to the program by Fall 2008. Ultimately, they hope to one day have every school in Deschutes County involved in the program. Visit <>  for more information on the library.

3)     Alternative Learning Options Evaluation -- A discussion was held following a presentation on how the missions of area contract and/or charter schools are determined and met.

4)     Discussions -- Superintendent Doug Nelson gave an update on the status of the Comprehensive Plan. Nelson showed the Board a draft version of what the finalized Comprehensive Plan may look like when completed.  Nelson says that the Board will help to identify both the short- and long-term goals, which will be included in the finalized plan.
           Per Board request, revisions have been made to Board Governance Policy BDGOV A.4. The proposed changes include a reduction in the award/contract or change order threshold amount that must be brought to the Board for purchase approval. The proposed change would reduce the current threshold amount from $1,000,000 to $300,000.
          The Board suggested additional changes to the policy. The policy will be brought back to the Board for review in November.

To view this meeting agenda and Board packet, visit: