Extra traveler info protested by airlines
Nov 29,2007 00:00 by UPI
WASHINGTON -- Major U.S. airlines are protesting a Transportation Security Administration proposal requiring asking passengers to collect full names and birth dates.

Currently, people can book tickets using only a first initial and surname but the TSA wants advance registrations to include the full name, gender and date of birth, USA Today reported.

In written comments to the agency, the Air Transport Association, a trade group of major U.S. airlines, the American Society of Travel Agents along with Continental, United and Virgin airlines opposed implementing the plan would be too time-consuming and an annoyance to travelers.

However, the proposal received support from the Air Line Pilots Association and the Air Carrier Association of America, which represents low-cost airlines.

Under a 2004, the TSA must eventually take on the task of screening passenger names against the complete government terrorist watch lists instead of partial lists used by airlines, the report said.

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