Bend-La Pine students show collegiate colors
Nov 30,2007 00:00 by Bend_Weekly_News_Sources

Teachers And Students Celebrate Post-Secondary Education During College Day

The halls, classrooms, and playgrounds at Bend, La Pine, and Sunriver schools are bursting with school spirit today, Friday, November 30, as thousands of students and staff arrived in the colors of their favorite collegiate schools.

Superintendent Doug Nelson says that while many Bend-La Pine Schools (BLS) students may be too young to ‘hum’ their favorite team fight song, it’s not too early to instill an excitement about a post-secondary education and college pride.

“There are students in every class, in every school, who do not think about education beyond high school but who are very capable,” Nelson said.  “As role models, our encouragement or just a simple suggestion may be all that a young person needs to formulate a dream - a dream that may lead to further education.”
Nelson encouraged the district’s more than 1,500 staff members to wear collegiate logo wear for their alma mater, favorite school, or the college their kids attend – from Oregon to Oregon State, MIT to OIT, and Harvard to Duke to Whitman to WSU.

Nelson says that schools will have fun conveying this serious message about life after graduation, “The primary purpose of the day is to plant the seed and raise aspirations by encouraging students to continue their education after high school.”

Nelson encouraged staff to participate by offering  ‘A day-off on the Superintendent’ for the most creative personal display of collegiate pride at the elementary, middle, and high school level, as well as the best district-wide.

Additionally, Nelson and fellow administrators will cook breakfast for the entire staff of all schools and departments with 100% staff participation, and the school or department with the highest number of post-secondary schools represented.

More than 70-percent of BLS graduates continue their education after graduation.