Vicious murderers of Tesslynn O’Cull run amok with lies in online personal ads
Nov 30,2007 00:00 by Ken McCalister – Las Vegas,

Dear Editor:

As an Oregon resident you may be aware of the 1997 case concerning the brutal torture, sexual assault and subsequent murder of three-year-old Tesslynn O’Cull by her parents; Jesse Compton and Stella Kizer.'Cull

Tesslynn later became Oregon’s poster child for abuse prevention.

This case is considered one of the most savage and chilling child abuse/murder cases Oregon has ever seen.

Compton is currently awaiting his fate on death row in an Oregon prison. Kizer is to spend the rest of her days behind bars as well.

It turns out that the Oregon’s prison system has decided to allow external agencies to facilitate communication through email and letters to the outside world for these 2 monsters; and without mentioning the details or even the heinousness of their crimes.

Kizer actually refers to herself as a “kind, loving and gentle soul” and offers tones of sexual favoritism.

Compton on the other hand talks about his past “mistakes” like a teenager casually mentioning atonement for shoplifting.

Please consider the possibility that it might be time to revisit this tragic story and remind (warn) the public about the other side of these “'kind, loving and gentle souls.'”

Does it not seem extraordinary that the most vicious criminals in our prison systems are allowed to perpetrate such self-aggrandizing falsehoods on an unsuspecting general public?

Ken McCalister – Las Vegas, NV