Court should protect Oregon boy from father’s decision to circumcise
Nov 30,2007 00:00 by Petrina Fadel - Groton, NY

The Oregon Supreme Court heard oral arguments on November 6 in the case of Lia Boldt vs. James Boldt, concerning the father's desire to circumcise their son.  The father converted to Judaism in 2004 and now wants their 12-year-old son to convert as well. The mother is trying to protect her son from an unnecessary and harmful circumcision.

Lia Nikolaea Boldt is Russian Orthodox, as were both parents at the time of the boy’s birth.  What is troubling to so many in the Christian community is the father’s desire to force this child to abandon the Christian faith of his birth. The mother claims her son does not wish to be circumcised but is afraid to challenge the father, with whom he resides. The Court needs to appoint a guardian ad litem to represent the boy’s interests, since he’s the one most directly affected by any decision.

Christians and others view very unfavorably the forced conversion of anyone, including that of a Gentile, Russian Orthodox boy.  Hopefully the Court will recognize the right of this child to decide as an adult (just as the father decided when he was an adult) which religious faith he wishes to embrace.

Petrina Fadel, Director
Catholics Against Circumcision

Groton, NY