Moroccan media bans veiled anchors
Nov 30,2007 00:00 by UPI
RABAT, Morocco -- Female anchors and reporters who don the veil in Morocco are finding it impossible to remain in front of the camera due to a self-imposed media ban.

A veiled anchorwoman fired by Moroccan radio station Casa FM says her bosses began treating her differently the minute she donned the veil, al-Arabiya reported Friday.

"They seemed to be embarrassed of me and stopped assigning me out-of-country work," Samia al-Maghrawy told the news agency. "To save my face and avoid troubles with the administration, I decided to work on the editorial board so that I would not have to be on screen."

Writer Aziz Bakoush told that the veil phenomenon is new to Moroccan media.

"Some Arab counties -- and Morocco is one of them -- deal with the veil as a sign of extremism," Bakoush said. "The ban solution is very Arab, and the problem is that there are no clear laws that define the boundaries."

Bakoush adds that banning something is never a good idea.

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