Funding slows down DNA testing by LAPD
Nov 30,2007 00:00 by UPI
LOS ANGELES -- A lack of funding is crimping the testing of DNA evidence by the Los Angeles Police Department

The Los Angeles Times said Friday the LAPD needs more than $9 million to clear a backlog of testing from hundreds of crime scenes even though a 2004 ballot measure established a special fund for DNA testing and analysis.

"It is unconscionable that victims should have to endure sexual assaults and other acts of brutality while the evidence that prevents these crimes sits untested," said City Councilman Jack Weiss.

Proposition 69, which passed in 2004, expanded California's DNA database and earmarked funds from a special court fee to pay for it. But, the Times said, most of the initial collections went to the state crime lab and left a relatively small trickle of funding for Los Angeles and other cities.

Police Chief Bill Bratton said the LAPD received about 30 DNA evidence packets every week and would be unlikely to ever fully clear the backlog without special funding.

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