Ruling favors humans in SoCal beach flap
Nov 30,2007 00:00 by UPI
SAN DIEGO -- A running battle over a desirable stretch of San Diego beach appeared to end this week with a court ruling that could oust a colony of seals from the sand.

The California Supreme Court upheld a lower court ruling that said the Children's Pool in La Jolla must be dredged and maintained as a spot for humans rather than leaving the stretch of sand to the seals that have taken up residence.

The situation pitted animal-rights activists who wanted the seals left alone against city residents who wanted the beach restored and cleaned up so that people could use it. The San Diego Union-Tribune said Friday that the high court declared that the city was required to maintain Children's Pool for swimming under the terms of the 1931 land transfer that ceded the beach to San Diego.

A spokesman for the seal backers said further legal challenges were likely.

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