Entire northern U.S. in weather mayhem
Dec 04,2007 00:00 by UPI
NEW YORK -- Weather spawning emergencies from hurricane force winds to flooding and freezing was forecast for the entire northern United States Tuesday.

Since Sunday, the Pacific Northwest has been deluged with flooding rains and winds that Monday were recorded at 129 mph in Bay City, Ore., and 104 mph in Cape Disappointment, Wash., AccuWeather reported.

Forecasters said 40-foot waves would begin pounding the west coast on Tuesday, and the governors of Oregon and Washington declared states of emergency, the report said. Train service was disrupted and scores of flights were canceled throughout the region, reports said.

Power and phone outages led to ham radio operators relaying emergency messages, The Oregonian reported.

Another system that hit the Midwest during the weekend created havoc in the Northeast where as much as a foot of wind-whipped snow was forecast for Tuesday. Schools from Maine south to New York canceled classes Monday because of dangerous road conditions.

In New York City, two pedestrians were injured by debris blown off skyscrapers Monday, the New York Times reported.

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