Digital Photography Tips that Stick: Simple Tips on How to Take and Share Family Photos
Oct 26,2006 00:00 by (ARA)

Do you ever wonder how photographers capture such priceless moments? It’s not as hard as you may think, especially in today’s world of digital photography.

According to Jay Forman, a professional photographer and author of “Capture Your Kids In Pictures,” taking great family photos doesn’t require expensive gear or technical prowess, just the application of simple principles and some common sense. Once you’ve mastered the basics, you’ll find yourself eager to display every photo, because the best part about taking pictures is sharing them with friends and family.

Here are some simple tips from Jay Forman on how to take great family photos and share them in a unique and creative way:

* Get closer. Too often, we take a picture that includes our subject but many other nonessential elements. Getting closer not only helps get rid of extraneous items, but produces a more intimate image.

* Don’t say “Cheese.” Saying “cheese” puts the mouth in an unnatural position and makes a smile look forced. Consider telling a joke for a more natural smile or simply try to capture the expression of the moment.

* Keep shooting. Typically, people only take one or two shots of a person or situation, which reduces your chances for a great photograph. By shooting four or five photographs of the same situation, your chances diminish for someone’s eyes being closed or not looking at the camera. And with a digital camera, there is no harm in taking extra shots because you can simply delete the bad ones.

* Utilize sunlight. Sunlight in the morning or the late afternoon is the softest and most pleasing light, which is ideal for taking pictures. If possible, try to avoid shooting during the midday hours when light is harsh, which can result in shadows and squinting.

* Select some candid shots to display. Oftentimes, we are inclined to pick a posed portrait, but candid shots tend to say much more about someone’s personality.

* Create a collage or grouping of similar photos. Sometimes one photo cannot accurately tell the whole story. By grouping photographs, you can have all aspects of an event on display at once.

* Be creative with where you display your photographs. Photos are usually placed on the fireplace mantle, next to your bed or on your desk. Try placing photos in more unusual places that could use some dressing up, such as the bathroom, above the kitchen sink or a school locker.

* Send your photos to friends and family. The holidays are the perfect time to send a photo card to loved ones. Post-it Photo Cards have a photo quality front and sticky back, making it easy for loved ones to display your one-of-a-kind card.

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