Sarkozy son suspected in scooter scandal
Dec 05,2007 00:00 by UPI
PARIS -- The son of French president Nicholas Sarkozy is the subject of a scandal involving a traffic accident in which he allegedly received preferential treatment.

M'Hamed Bellouti, 37, filed a $382 suit for damages and $5,870 for delays in the trial of Jean Sarkozy, who allegedly ran into Bellouti's vehicle with a scooter in 2005.

Bellouti claims police refused to follow up their investigation into the accident and could not trace Sarkozy to the scooter, but Bellouti's insurance company found the link immediately, The Times of London reported Wednesday.

Thieves stole Sarkozy's scooter from the Sarkozy residence during the presidential campaign and investigators employed a strong response, including DNA testing, to find the suspects.

The heavy response in the theft prompted Bellouti to ask: "Why is there a two-speed justice system? When they steal his scooter they are full of zeal. When it hits my car, there is less zeal."

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