Decades old brothel scandal re-emerges
Dec 05,2007 00:00 by UPI
STOCKHOLM, Sweden -- Two women who worked as underage prostitutes sued the state three decades after a major sex scandal ensnared several Swedish politicians.

The two women are demanding $150,000 in damages from the state despite the statute of limitations imposing a 10-year limit, The Local reported Wednesday.

Niclas Karlsson, the lawyer for the women, said he didn't expect the state to reject the claims.

"I do not expect the state to make reference to the statute of limitations. It would be deeply objectionable as far as the general sense of justice is concerned," he said.

The brothel's madam was arrested in 1976 on pimping charges and it later emerged many customers were well-known in the political establishment.

Prostitution was legal at the time, but officials said the brothel posed a security risk because foreign dignitaries also fraternized with the prostitutes.

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