City of Bend announces employee layoffs
Dec 07,2007 00:00 by Bend_Weekly_News_Sources

“Lay-offs are unavoidable. We are in a tough situation right now,” City Officials say.

Citing "enormously" decreased revenues caused by the steep downturn in local building industry markets, The City of Bend announced this week its intention to lay off ten employees.

The City informed its Public Works and Community Development Departments that between the two groups, ten employees would be laid off by the end of March, 2008.

The lay-offs are necessary to balance the current fiscal year budget, city officials said. Projected revenues have fallen short of their estimates due to a reduction in planning and engineering permit fees. These revenues have been significantly reduced due to the steep downturn in the local building industry markets.

"We are in a tough situation right now," said Eric King, Interim Bend City Manager. “Our revenues in our Community Development and Public Works Departments have decreased enormously over the past year,” he added.

The layoffs are in the Planning and Engineering divisions. All departments have made adjustments to their current budgets in recognition of this revenue shortfall. Numerous options have been considered to minimize impacts to city programs and services. The City will use a mix of early retirement, attrition and the shifting of staff to similar jobs in other areas to reduce expenses. However, the lay-offs are unavoidable.

City staff will brief the Bend City Council on the City's financial status during a work session on December 17. The City Human Resource Department will attempt to help laid off employees find other jobs in the community.