Open House for Public Comment on Stormwater Management Plan Set for Nov. 16
Oct 27,2006 00:00 by Bend Weekly News Sources

The Public Works Department has completed its draft revision of the City’s Integrated Stormwater Management Plan and it is now ready for public comment.

The City is inviting citizens to an Open House on Thursday, November 16 to learn more about the plan and to provide comments.

The purpose of the Integrated Stormwater Management Plan is to meet federal clean water requirements for both the Deschutes River and groundwater through Bend and to protect the quality of Bend’s water resources. Improperly managed stormwater may cause problems to physical property, result in localized flooding, destabilize stream flows and stream banks, or result in increased pollution or storm drain maintenance costs. The City is addressing these issues through a two-pronged approach—through the revision of this Integrated Stormwater Management Plan to address water quality issues, and through the development of a separate Stormwater Master Plan to begin in 2007 to address quantity issues.

Most pollutants are carried in the “first flush” of stormwater runoff and oftentimes are discharged with little or no treatment. So even though Bend receives only about 12 inches of precipitation a year, stormwater quality is an important issue for the City and many of its residents.

The City’s revised Integrated Stormwater Management Plan addresses the City’s stormwater quality issues and provides methods to manage the pollutants that are carried by stormwater. The Plan consists of several components required by federal law. These include actions to keep the public informed and involved, to reduce the amounts of pollutants from homes and businesses to the storm drain system, to improve municipal operations, and to lessen the impacts of development on water quality. The plan also addresses drinking water protection areas.

The revised Integrated Stormwater Management Plan will be submitted to the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality in early 2007. For those residents not able to attend the open house, the public comment period runs through November 27th. The plan is available for review on the City’s website, at the front counters of the Planning, Engineering, and Public Works offices, or by requesting a copy through the Public Works Department by calling 317-3000.

Open House for Integrated Stormwater Management Plan

Date: Thursday, November 16

Time: 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Location: Deschutes County Administration Building, Barnes Room, (located on the first floor at 1300 NW Wall Street)