'Trump Traitor' praised and vilified
Dec 07,2007 00:00 by UPI

ABERDEEN, Scotland - The local council member who cast a decisive vote against Donald Trump's proposed Scottish golf resort is trying to cope with notoriety.

"It's ridiculous -- the whole thing is ridiculous," Martin Ford told The Scotsman. "The world's gone mad for the past six days on this one. A perfectly routine, normal thing happened and then bang -- something that was not routine or normal at all."

The Scottish government has overruled the Aberdeenshire Council, so Trump may get his resort after all. In the meantime, Ford has been labeled the "Trump Traitor" on the front page of a local paper, and has an answering machine overflowing with messages -- many sympathetic and a few abusive.

Many people want the resort, believing it will bring much needed jobs to the area. Others oppose it on environmental grounds or the belief that it would overwhelm other golf courses in the area, including the historic Old Course at St. Andrews.

Ford, who has a bicycle instead of a car and recycles as much as he can, accuses Trump of trying to strong-arm the council. He said planning applications are a matter of "shades of gray" and subject to negotiation to get something acceptable.

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