Missing canoeist used fake passport
Dec 07,2007 00:00 by UPI

LONDON - John Darwin, suspected of faking his own death, reportedly used a false passport to travel to and from Britain during the five years he was missing.

As "John Jones," Darwin even inspected a yacht in Gibraltar and his wife put a down payment on it, the Telegraph reported. The revelations came as British police prepared fraud charges against Anne Darwin, who moved to Panama after collecting on her husband's life insurance.

The couple allegedly carried out the scam to collect on the $1 million policy. Darwin disappeared five years ago in an apparent boating accident and resurfaced recently in London, claiming to have lost his memory.

"I have been living my life as a lie, constantly looking over my shoulder, realizing something like this could happen at some stage," Anne Darwin told the Telegraph.

Anne Darwin spoke of her wish to repair the damage caused to her two sons by the faked death.

"I love my sons dearly and pray they'll forgive me but I understand if they won't. I really am so sorry. Sorry to them and all my family and friends. How can anyone make sense of the foolish things I've done?"

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