Vernonia students to share Scappoose school
Dec 10,2007 00:00 by Bend_Weekly_News_Sources
Teachers, principals and support staff from Vernonia Middle School and Vernonia High School met with their peers from Scappoose High School Sunday. The noon meeting in the library of Scappoose High School began with introductions and food, and quickly progressed to the details of running three schools in one.

Scappoose High School principal, Sue Hays, handed out a large envelope to each guest teacher full of items such as bell schedules, a map of the school, writing supplies and a form on which Vernonia teachers could write down what instructional materials they and their students would need. She explained the layout of the school, how and where to make photocopies, where the counselors would be, and to whom questions about a variety of topics ought to be addressed. Checking items off as she went, Ms. Hays covered the logistic changes important for the educators from both buildings, and concluded by stating, "We're here for you, so please let us know what you'll need to make your classroom great for students." In addition to what is being done at Scappoose High School to meet the immediate classroom needs of Vernonia students and staff, a statewide effort is being coordinated by the Confederation of Oregon School Administrators to round up textbooks and other instructional materials from around the state for Vernonia schools.

After the noon meeting on Sunday, Vernonia teachers had time to find their new classrooms and get accustomed to their new surroundings with the help of teachers and staff from Scappoose. The ‘buddy' system was clearly in action as teachers left the shared staff meeting in pairs and trios. School will be in session on Monday for Scappoose students, and Vernonia teachers will have the day for preparations for their students to arrive on Tuesday.

Vernonia athletic events are scheduled to be held at Scappoose High School for the next several weeks. Athletic Directors from both districts will continue to coordinate those events after the holiday vacation, and schedules will be announced as they become finalized.

On Tuesday, at the beginning of their first day of the shared schedule at Scappoose High School, Vernonia students will gather in the gymnasium for an assembly. From there, student leaders from Scappoose will help their guests find their new classrooms and find their way around campus.