Security guard describes shooting gunman
Dec 11,2007 00:00 by UPI
COLORADO SPRINGS -- A Colorado church security guard said she knew what had to be done when confronted by a gunman who had killed four people -- she "took him down."

Jeanne Assam said she saw Matthew Murray come through the doors after shooting broke out Sunday at New Life Church in Colorado Springs and "just knew that I was given the assignment to end this before it got too much worse," CNN reported Monday.

She waited for Murray to get closer "and I came out of cover and identified myself, and engaged him, and took him down."

"I did not run away and I didn't think for a minute to run away," said Assam, who was on the third day of a three-day regimen of fasting and prayer in search of God's plan her life.

"I was weak, and where I was weak, God made me strong. He filled me and he guided me and protected me and many other people. And I'm honored that God chose me."

The church's pastor, the Rev. Brady Boyd, called Assam a hero. "She probably saved over a hundred lives," Boyd said.

Murray's shooting spree started at a church mission facility 80 miles away in Arvada. In all, he left four people dead and five wounded.

Phil Abeyta, who identified himself as Murray's uncle, said at a news conference the family asked for forgiveness.

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