Car crashes through Canby home prompting gas leak evacuation
Dec 12,2007 00:00 by Cheryl McDermott

An SUV that crashed into a Canby residence Monday morning sheared off the home’s gas meter and released an unrestrained flow of natural gas that prompted the evacuation of more than a dozen nearby homes, fire department officials announced.

The unidentified driver was escorted from the home by Canby firefighters, and was taken by ambulance to Willamette Falls Hospital. - CFD photo 
About 9 a.m., December 10, an unidentified female driver crashed her Chevy Tahoe partially through one bedroom, and almost entirely through a second bedroom of a single-story house at 657 N. Cedar Street, Canby Fire Department Division Chief Troy Buzalsky said.  The vehicle came to rest half-inside and half-outside the home.

Arriving firefighters immediately discovered the gas leak, and found the driver still inside her vehicle. The woman was able to walk, assisted by firefighters, from her SUV to a waiting ambulance, and she was transported to Willamette Falls Hospital, Buzalsky said. Any possible injures were not disclosed.

As a precautionary measure, firefighters and police evacuated about 15 homes in the immediate area of N. Cedar Street and N. Birch Street.  Canby Utility cut electrical service to the damaged home, and Northwest Natural Gas was notified of the incident.

Gas crews arrived 45 minutes later and worked to secure the gas line.  Cornerstone Construction was in the process of shoring up the damaged home so the vehicle could be removed when the homeowner, David Schindler, who was not at home during the crash, returned, Buzalsky said.

“One of their first concerns was the family cat,” he said. The cat was found uninjured, hiding in another area of the home. “Our cat lives in the first bedroom, and its bed is right under the window, right where the car entered our home” Schindler told firefighters. “ It's amazing the cat survived,” he added.