School pig set free, hunted
Dec 12,2007 00:00 by UPI
WAHIAWA, Hawaii -- Officials at a Wahiawa, Hawaii, high school say an agriculture pig was released from the school and then hunted with dogs.

Leilehua Agriculture Director Russell Wong said the hunters cut into the chain-link fence around the pen that held one of the school's two pigs Nov. 30, and set the animal free so they could chase it down and kill it, KITV, Honolulu, reported Wednesday.

"(People nearby) heard all this commotion. They heard a pig screaming and they heard dogs barking. They said this sounds like a hunt, hunters," Wong said.

Coaches at a soccer game being played nearby said they saw two young men carrying hunting dogs out of the barnyard.

"They let the pig out (of its pen). They let the dogs go at it. The dogs cornered it. They knifed it in here. So, we came, we saw all the blood," Wong said.

Police were searching for suspects.

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