Murphy steps down as Redmond school board chairman
Dec 14,2007 00:00 by Bend_Weekly_News_Sources

At their December 12 meeting, the Redmond School Board accepted the request of Dan Murphy to step down as Chair.

“It has been a pleasure serving as Board Chair this school year,” stated Murphy.  “However, I feel that at this time I am unable to commit the time and focus needed to be as effective as this position will require in the upcoming months.” 

Murphy will continue serving on the board as a director.

Current Vice Chair Cathy Miller was nominated and appointed as Chair for the remaining 2007-08 school year.  Director Jim Erickson was appointed to Vice Chair.  Both Miller and Erickson will begin their respective positions at the January 9 board meeting.

“I look forward to continuing building strong relationships between the board and our parents, students, staff and community members,” said Miller.  “To ensure our students are college and work-ready will require all of us to take an active role in their education.”

The 2007-08 school board members are as follows:

Cathy Miller, Chair:  Board member since 2005.  Miller is an active volunteer in the district and has served on several committees, including the Citizens for Quality Schools (CQS).  As the CQS co-chair, she played an instrumental part in the successful passage of the 2004 bond measure that built Tom McCall Elementary and Elton Gregory Middle School, which opened last September.

Jim Erickson, Vice Chair:  Board member since 2006. Erickson was employed with the school district for over 30 years and is recognized as a dedicated and effective educator.  Although retired from the district, his desire is to continue contributing to the growth and development of students.

Dan Murphy, Director: Board member since 2004.  Murphy, a physician at the Cascade Medical Clinic in Redmond, recognizes the importance of quality education in the community and has great expectations for what the board can do for the future of the Redmond School District.

Janet May, Director: Board member since 2005.  May is a Redmond Union High School graduate and former school secretary.  She has served on the district’s Budget Committee, Redmond Education Foundation and Key Communicators.  She and her husband Bill, a retired district teacher, own the Downtown Athletic Club.

Paul Rodby, Director:  Board member since 2007.  Rodby currently has three students in the school system and is the owner of several McDonald’s locations in Central Oregon.  He is a strong supporter of education and has served on the district’s Budget Committee, Redmond Education Foundation and Key Communicators.

About the School Board

The Redmond Board of directors consists of five members elected to serve overlapping four-year terms as non-salaried trustees of the school districts.  As elected officials, the board is responsible for the scope, depth and quality of education and is the official policy-making body of the school district.