Iraqi bombers active outside Baghdad
Dec 13,2007 00:00 by UPI
BAGHDAD -- A suicide car bomber killed three Iraqi police bodyguards and injured six others Thursday in an attack on a police chief's convoy west of Baghdad.

The bomber crashed into the convoy of Col. Hekmat Kaoud Al-Namrawi in the city of Heit in Anbar province as Namrawi was headed home, police told Kuwait's KUNA news agency. The source said Namrawi survived the blast with minor injuries.

Iraqi security officials also reported two roadside bombs detonated late Wednesday night in the Khanqueen area near the Iranian border.

Four people were killed, including the son of a Kurdish tribal leader, and 12 others were wounded, the report said.

South of Baghdad in Amara, officials increased the death toll from Wednesday's triple car bombing to 28, CNN reported. More than 150 other people sustained blast and shrapnel injuries in the near-simultaneous blasts in the city where Shiite factions are battling for control.

Reports of violence in Iraq in recent weeks appear to confirm U.S. military claims last month that insurgents are fanning out from the capital, striking areas that had been relatively calm.

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